Leitz 042933 Turnblade finishing cutter, Z 1

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The Leitz 042933 Turnblade Finishing Cutter is designed for various machining operations, including V-groove profiles and multi-purpose carving. It is suitable for creating decorative grooves, 90° corners, and more.

This cutter is compatible with stationary routers, with or without CNC control, as well as milling machines with spindles for mounting shank tools.

Workpiece Material:

The Leitz 042933 Turnblade Finishing Cutter is versatile and can work with a wide range of materials. It is suitable for softwood and hardwood, chipboard and fiber materials (such as MDF and HDF), uncoated and plastic coated materials, veneered materials, and laminated veneer lumber (such as plywood and multiplex plywood).

Technical Information:

The cutterhead of the Leitz 042933 Turnblade Finishing Cutter features exchangeable turnblades. By turning the knife, you can achieve 2 or 3 performance times (ID 042932). Additionally, the extra-long design (ID 042937) makes it particularly suitable for carving operations on 5-axes machines.


The Leitz 042933 Turnblade Finishing Cutter is manufactured by Leitz, a trusted name in the industry known for producing high-quality cutting tools.

Number of Teeth:

This product has 1 cutting tooth.


The diameter of the cutter is 35mm.


The rotation of the cutter is right-hand (RH).


The cutter has a profile of 2.

More Information
Rotation RH
Profile 2
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 35
Number Of Teeth 1