Leitz 072393 Spiral grooving cutter HS

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This Leitz 072393 Spiral Grooving Cutter HS is designed for sizing and grooving applications. It is suitable for use with portable routers, making it highly versatile for various woodworking projects.

  • Manufacturer: Leitz
  • Number Of Teeth: 2
  • Diameter: 10
  • Rotation: Right Hand (RH)


This router cutter is specifically designed for use with softwood and hardwood materials, as well as thermoplastics. Its high-quality HS solid construction ensures durability and performance.


  • Spiral edges for efficient cutting
  • Ground plunging edge for precise results

Whether you're working on woodworking projects or need to size and groove thermoplastics, the Leitz 072393 Spiral Grooving Cutter HS is a reliable choice that delivers excellent results.

More Information
Rotation RH
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 10
Number Of Teeth 2