Leitz 036680 HW, Z 2 / V 13

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The Leitz 036680 HW, Z 2 / V 13 is a high-quality tool designed for drilling hinge holes, especially in furniture construction. It is suitable for use with various types of drilling machines, including column drilling machines, drilling machines, special purpose drilling machines, and portable drills.

This tool is specifically designed to work with both softwood and hardwood materials. Its tungsten carbide design ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The shank size of 10 mm makes it suitable for use with stationary drilling machines and portable drills.

  • Tungsten carbide design
  • Z 2/V 2
  • Shank diameter: 10x70
  • Diameter: 30
  • Rotation: Right Hand (RH)
  • Total length: 90

With its reliable construction and versatile application, the Leitz 036680 HW, Z 2 / V 13 is a must-have tool for any woodworking project that requires drilling hinge holes. Add this high-quality tool to your collection today and experience the precision and efficiency it offers.

More Information
Shank Diameter 10x70
Diameter 30
Total Length 90
Rotation RH