Leitz 6035 Allen Screw

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For jointing, beveling and raised panels with stepless adjustable bevel angles +/- 60°.
Stationary routers with/without CNC control, machining centers.
Technical Information:
Quick adjustment to typical angles 15°, 30°, 45°, and 60° with positive stop. Other
intermediate angles via bezel scale.
Insert design: 2-edged conventional carbide inserts suitable for a wide range of
materials. Maximum material thickness 34 mm @ 45°.
HeliCut design: 4-edge carbide inserts with aggressive alternative shear
geometry, particularly suitable for solid wood and soft materials. Maximum
material thickness 38 mm @ 45°.
WhisperCut design: 1-edge diamond inserts with alternative shear for chip-free
edges, top and bottom, particularly well-suited for abrasive materials.

More Information
Dimension M6x12
Tool Number 3