Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2

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Product Name: Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2


The Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2 is a high-quality drill bit designed for multi-purpose drilling of tear-free blind holes. It is a reliable and efficient tool for various drilling applications.


This drill bit is specifically designed for tear-free drilling of blind holes. It can be used for a wide range of applications, making it ideal for both professional and DIY projects.


The Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2 is compatible with a variety of drilling machines, including column drilling machines, drilling machines, multi spindle units, special purpose drilling machines, and portable drills. It offers versatility and convenience for different drilling setups.

Workpiece Material:

This drill bit is designed for use on various materials, including softwood and hardwood, laminated veneer lumber (plywood, multiplex plywood, etc.), and plastics (thermoplastic). It provides excellent performance and precision on different workpiece materials.

Technical Information:

The Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2 is constructed in HS solid with a long center point and round spurs. The shank diameter is identical to the drill diameter, ensuring stability and accuracy during drilling. It features a single heel design to reduce friction in the hole, resulting in smoother and more efficient drilling.

Diameter: 10

Total Length: 23

Minor Diameter: 2.5

With its excellent construction and versatile design, the Leitz 034521 HS solid, Z 2 / V 2 is a reliable and efficient drill bit for various drilling applications. It offers precision, durability, and ease of use, making it an essential tool for any drilling project.

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Diameter 10
Total Length 23