Leitz 091179 Router cutter Diamaster PLUS, Z 3+3

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Router cutter for sizing and grooving with increased performance time in engineered
wood boards. For tear-free cut edges on both sides. Suitable for large batch
quantities. Z 3+3 at high feed speeds.
Stationary routers with/without CNC control, machining centres, milling machines
with spindles to mount shank tools.
Workpiece material:
Chipboard and fibre materials (MDF, HDF etc.), uncoated, plastic coated,
veneered etc.
Technical information:
Spiral cutting edge arrangement with alternate shear angle and DP plunging tip.
Resharpenable 8 to 12 times with normal wear. Cuts for painting in MDF require
finishing with tools with continuous edges. Tools with negative twist support the tool
clamping especially for small parts.
More Information
Diameter 25