Leitz 040915 Turnblade router cutter

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The Leitz 040915 Turnblade Router Cutter is perfect for sizing and grooving to achieve a high-quality finish. It is specifically designed for use with portable routers.

This router cutter is suitable for working with various materials such as softwood and hardwood, chipboard, fibre materials (MDF, HDF, etc.), plastic coated materials, veneered materials, laminated veneer lumber (plywood, multiplex plywood, etc.), duromers, plastomers, and solid surface materials like Corian and Varicor.

Technical Information:

  • Straight cut with a tungsten carbide plunging tip
  • Designed for grooving with a constant tool diameter
  • Knife tip designed for a seamless cut
  • Teflon coated tool body to reduce resin and glue build up


This router cutter is manufactured by Leitz, a trusted name in the industry.


  • Diameter: 20
  • Rotation: Right Hand (RH)
More Information
Rotation RH
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 20