Leitz 021883 Tongue and groove cutter, HL solid / HS tipped

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For tongue and groove profiles on wall and ceiling panels.
Four-sided moulders.
Workpiece material:
Softwood, along grain.
Technical information:
Tongue and groove cutterset with spacers for adjustment to different wood
thicknesses and tongue and groove widths. BO 60 for use on hydro sleeve for high
feed speeds and machining qualities. HL profile cutter with form ground clearance
and large resharpening area; HS tipped design with straight clearance.
More Information
Cutting Material Quality HL
Grooving Depth 10
Workpiece Thickness 14 - 19
Maximum RPM 9000
Part Number 6
Bore Diameter 60
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 180
Number Of Teeth 6