Leitz 009671 Profile cutterhead set ProfilCut Q

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Introducing the Leitz 009671 Profile cutterhead set ProfilCut Q, a versatile tool set designed for bevelling and rounding, with the optional jointing of the workpiece edge. This set is perfect for use with stationary routers, with or without CNC control, as well as milling machines with spindles to mount shank tools.

This cutterhead set is suitable for use on both softwood and hardwood.

Technical Information:

With the ability to combine jointing and bevelling or rounding cutterheads, this set allows for the creation of several different profiles and accommodates various wood thicknesses. The cutterhead can be equipped with different radii or bevel profile knives, providing versatility and flexibility in your woodworking projects.



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Dimension 18x18.75x8.27
Description Clamping wedge
Part Number 4
Manufacturer Leitz