Leitz 008087 Rebating cutter

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The Leitz 008087 Rebating Cutter is specifically designed for cutting rebates.


It is compatible with portable routers, making it convenient for various woodworking projects.

Workpiece material:

This versatile cutter can be used on a variety of materials, including softwood and hardwood, chipboard and fiber materials (MDF, HDF, etc.), uncoated, plastic-coated, veneered, and laminated veneer lumber (plywood, multiplex plywood, etc.).

Technical information:

  • Straight cut for precise and accurate results.
  • Equipped with a ball bearing guide ring for smooth operation.
  • Offers variable rebating width by changing the guide rings, providing flexibility in your woodworking projects.

Manufacturer: Leitz

Dimension: 9.53x3.17x4.76

More Information
Description Ball bearing
Dimension 9.53x3.17x4.76
Manufacturer Leitz