Leitz 602904 Roughing router cutter in turnblade design - HeliCut 11

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Router for sizing and grooving to roughing/finishing quality. Cutting of tenons for
frame constructions.
Stationary routers with/without CNC control, machining centres, joinery machines,
milling maschines with spindles to mount shank tools.
Workpiece material:
Softwood and hardwood, glulam and laminated wood.
Technical information:
Spiral shaped edge arrangement of the tungsten carbide turnblades (4 times
turnable). Tungsten carbice turnblade plunging knife with chipbreakers for good chip
removal (for D = 40). Tangential fixing of the knives in the dust protected area.
Deep boreholes are to be cut circularly.
More Information
Dimension 11x11x1.5
Cutting Material Quality TDC
Knife Type Peripheral tip