Leitz 30452 HeliPlan Cutterheads with 4 Edge HW Turnblade Knives

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Pre-planing, surfacing and jointing all types of wood with large chip removal. Also
suitable for finish planing if quality demands are less important or in combination with
subsequent sanding.
Four-sided moulders with HSK 85 WS interfaces.
Workpiece Material:
Softwood and hardwood.
Technical Information:
Pre-planing cutterhead with 4 edge HW turnblade knives. Low-noise and energy
efficient due to spiral, segmented edge arrangement. Smooth finish through
radiused cutting edges. Aluminum tool body. Tool and HSK are shrink-fit together.
Optional steel reference cutterhead for machines with fence.

More Information
Cutting Width, in Millimeters unless inch symbol indicated 210
Number of Knives 36
Maximum RPM 12000
Maximum RPM 12000
Bore Diameter 40
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 125
Number Of Teeth 2/2