Leitz 250001 Dovetail router cutter with exchangeable knives

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For producing dovetail joints especially in the wood and frame construction.
Stationary routers with/without CNC control, machining centres, joinery machines,
special cutting machines to process frame parts.
Workpiece material:
Softwood and hardwood, glulam and laminted wood.
T echni cal information:
HW changing knives Z3 with Marathon coating for extremely high performance times.
C hipbreakers in roughing/finishing design for small cutting forces and nearly even
areas. One knife each of knife type „A“, „B“ and „C“ has to be mounted in the cutter.
More Information
Shank Diameter 30x53,5
Cutting Width, in Millimeters unless inch symbol indicated 38/51
Number Of Teeth 3
Rotation RH
Diameter 60
Total Length 131