Leitz 072752 Dowel drill, HW, Z 2 / V 2

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Leitz 072752 Dowel drill, HW, Z 2 / V 2

The Leitz 072752 Dowel drill is designed for drilling blind holes, especially for dowel holes in furniture construction. It is compatible with portable routers and can be used on various workpiece materials such as softwood, hardwood, chipboard, fibre materials (MDF, HDF, etc.), uncoated, plastic coated, veneered, laminated veneer lumber (plywood, multiplex plywood, etc.).

  • Spurs geometry with shear cut
  • Tool body with reduced diameter for minimum friction and feed force
  • Cylindrical shank without clamping flat




  • Diameter: 5
  • Rotation: Right Hand (RH)
More Information
Rotation RH
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 5