Leitz 072417 Dovetail cutter

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The Leitz 072417 Dovetail Cutter is a versatile tool designed for routers used in creating dovetail joints. Its innovative design and high-quality construction make it a reliable choice for professional woodworking projects.

  • Cutting edges with shear angle for precise and clean cuts.
  • Design with spurs to enhance cutting quality.
  • Manufacturer: Leitz
  • Diameter: 20
  • Cutting Material Quality: HW
  • Rotation: RH (Right Hand)

Whether you are working with softwood, hardwood, or laminated veneer lumber such as plywood and multiplex plywood, the Leitz 072417 Dovetail Cutter delivers excellent results. Its compatibility with portable routers further adds to its versatility.

Experience the precision and quality that Leitz is known for by adding this reliable tool to your woodworking arsenal. Create professional dovetail joints with ease and confidence.

More Information
Cutting Material Quality HW
Rotation RH
Manufacturer Leitz
Diameter 20