Leitz 036673 HW, Z 2 / V 7

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The Leitz 036673 HW, Z 2 / V 7 is a high-quality drill bit designed for drilling hinge holes, particularly in furniture construction. It is compatible with a wide range of machines, including column drilling machines, drilling machines, special purpose drilling machines, and portable drills.

This drill bit is suitable for use with both softwood and hardwood materials. Its tungsten carbide design ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The shank has a diameter of 10 mm, making it suitable for both stationary drilling machines and portable drills.

  • Diameter: 20
  • Rotation: Right-hand
  • Total Length: 90
  • Shank Diameter: 10x55
More Information
Shank Diameter 10x55
Diameter 20
Total Length 90
Rotation RH