Leitz 33500 Dowel Drill 8mm Dia X 10mm SH X 70mm Long

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For drilling sharp, precision hinge and dowel holes for funiture and cabinets.
Point-to-point machines, through-feed boring machines, CNC machining centers,
hinge boring machines, multi-spindle units.
Workpiece Material:
Softwood and hardwood, chipboard and fiber materials (MDF, HF, etc.), raw,
laminated and/or veneered panels.
Solid carbide design, rigid with polished shank to reduce friction for easier
drilling and zero-clearance head to eliminate chipping on the return stroke.
Elliptical spurs and knife geometry for longer life in panel processing applications.

More Information
Shank Diameter 10 x 24
Cutting Length 35
Type Dowel
Diameter 8
Total Length 70
Rotation LH