Leitz 7899 WhisperCut EdgeExpert

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For tear-free and noise-reduced jointing of workpiece cutting surfaces with and
against feed (jump cutting) particularly for sensitive decorative papers, foil coatings
and veneers.
Edgebanders, copy shaping machines, double-end tenoners, etc.
Workpiece Material:
Chip and fiber boards (MDF, etc.) raw, veneered, plastic and paper coated, reinforced
plastics (GFRP, CFRP, etc.)
Technical Information:
DP tipped cutterhead with alternate shear angle for tear-free jointing edges and cutting
surface. Increased shear angle for excellent edge quality on sensitive decorative papers,
foil coatings and veneers. Tool with knife arrangement S can be used left and right and
produces hollow cut for tightly fitting edgebanding. Low noise design with up to 5 dB(A)
noise reduction and highly efficient chip collection ( reduction by using an aluminium alloy tool body. Carrier body for multiple use with
exchangeable knives. 0.6 mm resharpening area.

More Information
Dimension M5x11.5
Part Number 1
Type T25