Leitz 005305 Profile cutterheads for serrated back blank knives

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Designed for multi-purpose profiles in hard and/or materials likely to splinter.


Compatible with four-sided moulders.

Workpiece Material:

Cutting angle of 20° suitable for softwood and hardwood in general.

Technical Information:

Profile cutterhead features a 60° serration with a 1.6 mm pitch. Made with a steel tool body.

Blank knives with a knife thickness of 8 - 10 mm and knife heights ranging from 40 - 70 mm can be used, depending on the required profile depth.

Cutting Materials:

Compatible with Marathon (MC) and HW cutting materials.


Produced by Leitz, a trusted manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools.

40 x 30 x 8 millimeters

More Information
Cutting Width, in Millimeters unless inch symbol indicated 40
Dimension 40x30x8
Description Filler piece
Manufacturer Leitz